Liberdyne messenger

powered by

cryptocurrency platform Dynemix


is a unique blockchain platform designed to achieve one goal — to become the first widely adopted decentralized means of payment and compete with conventional centralized payment systems on equal footing.

To accomplish this objective, we designed breakthrough architecture from scratch and created a platform devoid of the major flaws of existing blockchains that is capable of providing a user experience at the level of centralized solutions and at the same time keeping decentralization and security at the level of classic blockchain platforms or even surpassing them.


is a P2P secure messenger powered by the Dynemix platform. The unique concept of merging a blockchain platform with a basic app for its distribution allowed us to obtain features not previously available.

With Liberdyne, we are bringing a completely new model of the cryptocurrency economy and a means of secure, censorship-resistant communication of a new generation, capable of competing with existing popular centralized solutions.


Transactions are free

Common transactions are free. Fees are charged only for business-related transactions that require multi-outputs

Can be minted on a common laptop at home

Due to the excellent optimization, the use of sharding technology, and the new consensus protocol, it is possible to run a full minting node on common home-class hardware.

Transactions are finalized within 6 to 16 seconds

Every transaction broadcast into the network is added to the next block, which is instantly finalized. There is no need to wait for additional confirmations.

Easily scales to 10,000 TPS and higher

The system can scale to 10,000 TPS and beyond with moderate hardware and bandwidth requirements.

Financial privacy solutions supported

Dynemix is designed to use a new cryptographic solution that encrypts transaction data and can allow financial privacy to be provided to all users.

Introduces a new economic model

The system features a groundbreaking model of an algorithmic decentralized economy capable of maintaining a targeted inflation rate, thus becoming the world’s first fully decentralized stablecoin.

A messenger that pays you for using it

Clients for different platforms are configured such that every user can participate in system support and earn dynes even on mobile devices. You just need to start using it.

Can easily handle a billion userbase

Unlike other blockchain messengers, Liberdyne doesn’t use a blockchain directly to transfer messages and is capable of supporting a large userbase.

Can provide top-level security and privacy

Liberdyne is a communication platform of the next generation. Since it is fully end-to-end encrypted and P2P, neither the developers nor other parties have access to user data.

Accounts are stored on a blockchain

Since transactions on a blockchain are immutable, it is guaranteed that no accounts can be changed, deleted, or blocked.

User data is stored in a decentralized manner

Liberdyne utilizes a decentralized storage protocol that securely stores user data. Nobody except the users themselves can decrypt the stored data.

Can function in 2 two modes: anonymous and social

Depending on the user’s needs, Liberdyne can be a tool for secure and anonymous communication or a social platform. The modes can be switched in a single click.




Reward distribution


Transaction data encryption


Anonymous tunneling